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 Why Thrush Remedies Don’t Work!

 The Horse-Journal  published the results of field trials of the leading thrush remedies.  They reported that almost all failed to successfully treat the most serious cases of chronic thrush.  They singled out one product that worked best against the worst cases, SBS Thrush Stop.  They were so impressed with the product that they repeated the tests and got the same results.  The HorseJournal named Thrush Stop as Editors Choice and “Product of the Year” in 2009.


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How did SBS Thrush Stop outperform the other leading brands?  The answers may surprise you…


 Secret to Thrush Stop’s Success  Chronic thrush is deeply rooted and is impossible to kill with one application of a strong topical agent. Repeated use of these strong chemicals can be harmful to the surrounding healthy hoof tissue and slow the healing process. The SBS researchers developed a formula that targets bacteria and fungus without harming sensitive tissue. The product is not caustic and can be used as often as necessary to keep thrush under control and allow hoof tissue to thrive and prosper.

 SBS head researcher, Dr. Shakalis said, “the key active ingredients in Thrush Stop act like birth control for bacteria and fungi so that the pathogens cannot reproduce and harm healthy new tissue trying to grow out.  Most commercial preparations contain caustic agents that can be harmful to tender new tissue and hinder growth”.

 For the complete story on how to win the battle against chronic thrush, click on the link below…

Thrush Remedy
Thrush Remedy




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