Thrush Stop (4 Items)

Item 004, 4 oz. (118mL) (non-staining formula)
Item 008, 8 oz. (236mL) (non-staining formula)

THRUSH STOP creates an antiseptic barrier between thrush and healthy tissue by actually bonding to the hoof protein for long lasting protection. THRUSH STOP is not caustic like other commercial preparations that can mummify and stunt new horn growth. THRUSH STOP is also safe to use. It contains no formaldehyde (formalin) or other cancer causing agents. THRUSH STOP can also be used before applying silicone and sole pads to reduce the possibility of reinfection. And it is also effective against stubborn Candida (yeast) infections. Thrush Stop was named PRODUCT of the YEAR 2009 in The Horse-Journal. They said it was effective against the most chronic cases of thrush that nothing else could touch, yet was gentile enough to sensitive hoof tissue.

SDS 004, 008 Thrush Stop.pdf   Safety Data Sheet

Item 002, 2 oz,  60 g  (blue staining gel)
Item 006, 4 oz. (118mL) (blue staining gel)

THRUSH STOP BLUE reduces the bacteria & fungi that can cause hoof disease without harming sensitive hoof tissue. This allows healthy tissue to take hold and prosper. The applicator tip helps you apply a bead of gel with more control and less waste. Farriers who have tried THRUSH STOP BLUE have said they love it! “The long tip lets you get right in to the areas you want to. The consistency is perfect, slow spreading allows it to penetrate, so minimal loss by running off the hoof. Blue staining gel is marking the hoof and lasting a couple of days before it is worn off by wear in sand.”


SDS 002, 006 Thrush Stop BLUE Safety Data Sheet


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