Starting Gate Nutritional Granules

Item 406,  18.75 lbs (5 Gallons)

Starting Gate Nutritional Granules is a natural food additive that optimizes nutritional absorption for better health. It works by nutritionally strengthening the epithelial tissue that lines the gastro-intestinal tract. The Granules have shown to reverse / prevent equine gastric ulcers which are reported to exist in 80% of race horses and 56% of non-race horses.  Research has show that mixed phospholipids like those found in Starting Gate Nutritional Granules, strengthen the cell membranes of the digestive tract and acts as a short term barrier to acid in the fundic portion of the stomach.  

 Allianz Insurance and Pet Plan Equine have over 42 years of experience insuring horses. They have reported that of the “Top Five Most Common Health Problems in Horses”, Gastric Ulcers is the  #1 ranked health problem in insurance dollars payed out. This exceeds  Arthritis (#2), Colic ( #3), Inflamed Ligaments (#4), and Laminitis (#5).  Adult horses with ulcers can exhibit any combination of poor appetite, dullness, attitude changes, decreased performance, poor body condition, rough hair coat, poor hoof growth, weight loss and colic.  

Five Gallon container is a 15 week supply for one average horse.  Ingredients: Food grade apple pectin E440 and soy lecithin/mixed phospholipids E322 tri-calcium phosphate E341.  It is recognized as a safe food additive for humans and animals by the US food and Drug Administration, European Union, and World Health Organization.  Made in USA

Material Safety Data Sheet 406MSDS

Item 404, 4.125 lbs (1.1 Gallon Jug)

Starting Gate is now available in a smaller 1.1 gallon travel size that is easier to store away than the standard 5 gallon pail when traveling, and can stay fresher longer.  It is a generally accepted theory that stress on horses being transported can induce symptoms of gastric ulcers.  Starting Gate Granules are a safe & inexpensive natural alternative to acid blocking drugs when transporting horses for short term trips. 

Estimates are that 80% of race horses and 56% of non-competitive horses have gastric Equine ulcers.  Concentrated feedings of stalled horses and competitive horses inadvertently contribute to ulcer formation by allowing excess acid to accumulate in the fund portion of the stomach. This area has a phospholipid rich protective epithelial layer. Imposed feed deprivation can often result in erosion and ulceration. 

The palatability of Starting Gate Granules on horses is excellent.  However, customers with horses that are finicky eaters may prefer to test the palatability of the product with a gallon before ordering larger quantities.  Starting Gate Granules have also been shown to be an excellent way to wean horses off of acid blocking drugs as the stomach lining gets stronger.

Item 404, 4.125 LBS (1.1 Gallon Jug) is approximately a 3 week supply for 1000 LB horse.

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