TOPCOAT Hoof Conditioner

TOPCOAT Hoof Conditioner is a dual-action hoof conditioner that shines and protects the hoof wall, sole, & frog against bacteria & fungi, toe cracks and moisture imbalance. TOPCOAT also repels mud, snow, moisture & urine soaked manure, and helps smooth out unsightly ridges on the hoof wall. TOPCOAT forms an antiseptic barrier against infection, and weatherproofs the hoof surface. Natural protein emulsions are effective in extremely wet or dry conditions providing a healthy moisture balance in the hoof for improved flexibility. Frequent use builds up protection and improves shine. Contains no caustic agents that can harm healthy hoof tissue.

Item 113, 13.5 fl. (400 mL)

sds-113-topcoat-hoof-conditionerSDS 113  Safety Data Sheet

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Q: How do I know if my horse has white line disease and how do I treat it?
A: White line disease is a chronic breakdown of the hoof wall that usually starts as a splitting at the white line. If left untreated, the entire hoof wall my have to be resected. continued ...
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