SBS Eliminator Spray

Item 618, 32 oz (Quart Spray)
Item 620, 128 oz (Gallon Refill)

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SBS ELIMINATOR SPRAY is an eco-friendly insect repellant and odor eliminator that is safe for the horse, humans, and the environment.  It sequesters and eliminates  odors that attract flies and blood-feeding insects (mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, and bed bugs) to garments, people and pets. Entomologists say that malodors are the primary signal for food and breeding for insects.

For example, the heat generated from the decaying organic matter such as manure provides a scent that flies can follow up to four miles away. The average horse produces over 31 pounds of manure a day. One study showed that a single pound of horse manure can generate 685 house fly larvae. The SPRAY blocks the attraction of breeding flies and insects to these sources.

The SPRAY works in the air or on surfaces by releasing unique electrically- charged ion particles with a positive polar charge. They bind to the lipid- layer membranes of malodor molecules that contain a negative polar charge. This process captures and sheds odors in the vapor stage.

SBS ELIMINATOR SPRAY has over 101 uses on farms, ranches, kennels, households, institutional and industrial service. Studies on horse ranches show that it deters horse flies and other annoying insects from feeding and breeding in manure piles, hair and skin, face masks, fly boots, horse blankets, open sores, wounds, and urine spots.

The SPRAY is effective in poorly ventilated environments, bathrooms, basements, barns, horse stables & trailers, food processing operations, sanitary landfills, carpets/garments, boots, athletic equipment, tobacco smoke, and wherever bacterial or organic malodors exist. SPRAY is safe and effective on garments, hair and skin of people and pets to deter annoying insects.

SDS 620, SBS Eliminator Spray Safety Data Sheet

Deters insects from hair and skin
Blocks odor that attracts breeding flies to manure
Spraying leg wraps deter pesky insects
Spraying face masks deter insects
Blocks strong urine odor

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