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I can not find anyone who has the gallon refills on Sav-A- Hoof. This product is amazing and is a must have in my tack room. I rescued a quarter gelding who had white line, so bad, being put down was consider an option…we battled this for 2 years!!!! I started him on re-hoofit supplement and as per my farrier gave Sav-A- Hoof a try…WOW!!!! His white line is nearly healed!!! Only has it on one hoof (was the worst of 4 ) and I can’t imagine not having this product. Can you direct me to someone who carries the gallon size?
Thank you so much for an amazing product!!!!
Ryan White 11.30.17
 I just wanted you to know what a GREAT product you have.  My horse last winter had gotten deep seeded infections in all four feet.  It was so bad he couldn’t walk and the vet after 2 months was wanting to put him down.  I met a farrier on facebook who told me of your product Thrush Stop.  I ordered several bottles and gradually  it started to clear up.  I had tried everything from Thrush Buster, to Kopertox  and what ever the vet prescribed. Nothing worked except Thrush Stop.   We now only have the infection returning in one foot and I just ordered more Thrush Stop along with Save A Hoof Liquid.  I will NEVER be without this product, I recommend it to all my friends.
Thank You SBS for such a wonderful product, I strongly believe it saved my horse.
Kristine Guillory,  Deville, LA  8.20.15

I have been battling white line disease for some time.  I had the vet come out and he prescribed fungi dye and his own mixture of sole paint. I have been following this regimen for at least a year.  I discovered your gel and was having the farrier apply it.  I decided to try your spray along with the gel.  I have seen marked improvement in my horse’s hooves over the past month.  Thank you!

Best regards,
Lynn Spicer 8.19.14

I thought you might be interested in seeing my white line disease journal. My 3 year old was affected in all four feet. The journal chronicles the two worst affected feet from the day of resection through each trimming. Total time of recovery only 5 months. Sav-a-Hoof should really be called Sav-a-HORSE! If only you’d come out with the gallon refills a few months earlier! I think I should own stock in your company by now! Thanks for making such a great product.

Great product in the Farrier’s Hoof Sealant II as in this extremely rainy spring and summer, my horse’s hooves were getting soft.  I tried your hoof sealant and was amazed at how long it lasted.  My only problem with the product is getting the screw lid off more than once.  Would it be alright if I applied petroleum jelly into the lid?  Would that harm the sealant in any way? Would you recommend any other lubricant?

Thanks, Janet Olin

I just wanted to share with your company how wonderful your product works (Sav-A-Hoof PROTECTANT). I live in Southwest Florida and we have had an exceptionally wet summer some of the horses in my barn are fighting thrush. I started using your sav a hoof protectant in the beginning of the rainy season and my horse.remains thrush free and he has healthy feet. Thank you for a wonderful.product I just ordered more and I ordered your thrush stop for my friend whose horse has thrush. Please send me info on your new product when it comes.out.

Karen Bingler 4031 Key Largo Lane Punta Gorda FL 33955

Hi,Just sending an email to let you know how impressed I am with the Sav-A-Hoof products. I have a 14year old mare and she was diagnosed with White Line Disease by my farrier. I also had my vet take a look at it as well. I started using the products one week after her being trimmed. I ordered it and had it sent from a business in Hendra (Stockmans Supplies) in QLD Australia. I used the thrush treatment and the spray and then had the farrier out again in three weeks after the first trim to be trimmed again, the improvement was unbelievable. I had only been using the Sav a hoof range i also used an in feed supplement to help with hoof growth/repair. I also used hoof boots along with the treatment to prevent dirt and rocks from entering the holes in her hooves. I also raised the open stable in the paddock so that she can get up and out of the wet when it does rain. I work at a vet clinic as a nurse and do the clinic’s ordering and i will be talking to my manager to see if we can stock it at our clinic. I am just that impressed with the results. My farrier and vet are so amazed that it has got on top of the infection so quickly. I will and already have recommended the product to our clients who have issues with white line and seedy toe in our area. We live on the tropical coast of QLD Aust which can be quite wet and then very dry in winter.

Kind regards,
Emily Hales

Hi Ray, I use your flushing tube at least 5 times a week and it is an awesome tool to have in my box.  I have pics of several hoofs that I have used the tube on and will forward to you later this week.  I have also posted two videos on my Genesis Farriers Facebook page.  Please like my page and let me know if these videos will help you with your documentation.

Dave Giza, Genesis Farriers

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 5.41.45 PMHello Ray… I just now used it today, and I really liked the preasure the syringe puts out. Thanks again. Attached is a couple photos of a TWH I worked on today, 2-28-14 second time shoes, abscess blowout on the W/L.

Josh Bowles

Hi, Thank you! it works wonderfully and has been and is a great tool to use. Once again thank you, the product is excellent.

Luke Graham

Screenshot 2014-06-10 12.23.34I am a happy to submit a few photos from a horse I worked on today and will attempt sending a couple of short video clips as well. This horse is a big Hanoverian warm blood. While trimming him I discovered an opening to an abscess track in one of his hind feet.  Perfect application for the FLUSHING TUBE. Initial flush with saline solution….  The flexible, but durable, small tip attachment and  “high pressure” of the FLUSHING TUBE did a great job !  In addition to cleaning out the abscess track, this also gave an indication of the size of the track.  ie: Better able to judge based upon how much fluid is squeezed in there before it starts to run back out.This is a great item to help me provide top notch care to our amazing equines !

Scott Hunter Farrier Services, LLC Jerry Harper

“My beloved Hanoverian, a former Olympic Jumper, went lame last summer… the 3rd farrier reported that the cause was advanced White Line Disease… After it’s discovery, my farrier did a hoof resection so that the diseased part would be removed. I started using TOPCOAT to moisturize and gently disinfect… it was the only product I used over a 7 month’s period of time… you can see the results. I highly recommend TOPCOAT. I love how it can be used over the entire hoof to both condition, moisturize and gently sanitize the hoof. You will love it too.”

Jenny Brooks, Florida

“TOPCOAT is absolutely the best hoof dressing I have used. It actually has improved the hoof condition of my 2 year old Halter Champion filly and even cleared up a terrible case of thrush that I just could not get rid of. Her hooves stay strong and have a natural sheen to them that she never had before – without top coat. I love this product.”

Jessica Jamison

“The TOPCOAT is a wonderful product. I love the way it coats the hooves and helps to lock moisture in and bacteria out. My gelding has had so many problems with cracking and thrush– those problems just seem to disappear with TopCoat.”

Dee Dee Swanson

“When I got the TOPCOAT, I thought to myself “another hoof conditioner– big deal…”. To my surprise, I really got results. My horse Tango has chipped less and his frog looks so much healthier. I was surprised, delighted and I plan to keep this one in my tack box!”

Karen Johnson

“When I got the TOPCOAT, I thought to myself “another hoof conditioner– big deal…”. To my surprise, I really got results. My horse Tango has chipped less and his frog looks so much healthier. I was surprised, delighted and I plan to keep this one in my tack box!”

Karen Johnson

“Lady is 17 hands and 1500 pounds Warmblood. She has a lot riding on those tiny hooves. I was skeptical, but soon became a believer after using TOPCOAT 3-4 times weekly for 30 days. What a difference! Shiny hooves, great looking frog and none of the usual cracks or chips. I recommend TOPCOAT to everyone and plan to continue to use it on Lady for years to come.”

Ann Pruitt – Director of InfoHorse

“I have the opportunity to work with horse companies across America and SBS consistently creates incredible products for horse’s hooves. TOPCOAT is my hands-down FAVORITE. It actually DOES what it says it does. My Morgan Mare, Sugar has had a real problem with cracking and dry hooves- but since using TOPCOAT for the last 90 days– those problems are gone. My farrier has noticed the difference too! I love the soft sheen it gives to the hoof and the protection barrier against bacteria too.”

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