Toe Grow Spray

Toe Grow Spray, Item 416, 16 oz (473mL)

TOE GROW SPRAY is a copper-peptide complex which has shown to increase keratin and horn growth by enhancing the production of protein collagen and accelerating the repair of cell damage.  Toe Grow should be sprayed on to the coronary band once daily.  Also, Toe Grow can be applied to cracked and damaged areas of the hoof, hair, and skin to promote faster healing and growth.  Copper-peptides were first developed in the 1990’s using horses as test subjects before human trials.  The remarkable improvement to the horses’ hoof condition was noted in the scientific journals.  SBS researchers carried on the work that was done to create Toe Grow.  Peptides products are now estimated to be billion dollar industry in the human cosmetic industry based on this original research on horse.

SDS 416 Toe Grow Spray



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Q: How do I know if my horse has white line disease and how do I treat it?
A: White line disease is a chronic breakdown of the hoof wall that usually starts as a splitting at the white line. If left untreated, the entire hoof wall my have to be resected. continued ...
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