Adhesive gap filler for gouges and cracks

Repair Hoof Cracks & Gouges in Minutes !

Space age adhesive becomes part of the hoof wall and grows out like natural horn. The SBS Crack Repair Kit II was developed with the average horse owner in mind. The kit requires no special tools and cures in minutes to become a part of the hoof wall. The crack filler can be rasped and trimmed like natural horn and is impervious the urine, moisture, and other contaminants.

There is enough crack filler in newer 2 oz cartridge to repair several cracks and gouges. The original kit held only 1 oz of adhesive. The kit comes with a resealable cap, and has a reinforcing mesh included for larger cracks or gouges. The adhesive cures in about 10 minutes after it is applied, and can be rasped or sanded to a smooth finish.The repair grows out with the hoof.

Step 1.

Dispense equal portions from each tube into mixing cup. Use just enough crack filler to complete each the job .

Step 2.

Mix the two components in the mixing cup for 30 to 60 seconds.

Step 3.

Apply crack filler inside void. Place a cut piece of mesh to fit over it.

Step 4.

Spread remaining crack filler evenly over mesh.

Step 5.

Crack Filler is cured when you cannot dent it with your fingernail. SBS Crack Filler Kit II retails for about $35.00. SBS Equine Products estimates that well over 100,000 hooves have been repaired with the SBS Crack Filler Kits.

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