According to hoof researchers, the most important first steps in fighting hoof disease are in cleaning the feet and removing diseased tissue.

SBS is committed to the process of finding new ways of fighting hoof disease. That is why they have discovered a simple hoof cleaning method that is powerful enough to blow a stream of water 35 feet in 2 seconds. Using a simple saline solution with this tool can safely flush out deeply rooted debris in seconds where harmful organisms thrive and open up these pathways to oxygen.

It commonly known that bacteria hate oxygen. This new method can also deliver controlled amounts of topical agents such as Sav -A-Hoof products: Liquid, Spray, Med-i-sole, or Multi-Purpose REFILL with pinpoint accuracy into cracks and voids without harming healthy tissue.  The Sav-A-Hoof Flushing Tube & Dispenser was developed as a simple new tool for flushing out debris and then applying Sav-A-Hoof products in trace amounts where needed.

Flushing out abscess track

Real world field testing by professional farriers was very important in the development process of using this technique.  Here are just a few of the comments receive below:

I really like using the SBS flushing tube, it works great for cleaning out abscesses and finding, how the abscess has tracked. I am also using the flushing tube for cleaning out toe fungus on a couple horses. I am keeping track of the progress with these horses.  I also have been thinking that I need , to carry some extra flushing tubes on my trailer for my clients to use. I really like using the SBS fludhing tube. Have a great week. Farrier Mike MillerThank you! it works wonderfully and has been and is a great tool to use. Once again thank you, the product is excellent. Farrier Luke Graham

 I just now used it today, and I really liked the pressure the syringe puts out. Thanks again. Attached is a couple photos of a TWH I worked on today, 2-28-14 second time shoes, abscess blowout on the W/L. Farrier Josh Bowles

First horse of the day. Picked up her foot and discovered a nail has pierced the heel bulb. Nail slid out easily. Flushed with saline solution, followed by flushing with Sav-A-Hoof. Can see the flushing/wound cleaning as fluid comes out the other end of the wound track. Farrier Scott Hunter

 I am a happy to submit a few photos from a horse I worked on today…This horse is a big Hanoverian warm blood. While trimming him I discovered an opening to an abscess track in one of his hind feet. Perfect application for the FLUSHING TUBE.  Initial flush with saline solution… The flexible, but durable, small tip attachment and “high pressure” of the FLUSHING TUBE did a great job ! 

In addition to cleaning out the abscess track, this also gave an indication of the size of the track. ie: Better able to judge based upon how much fluid is squeezed in there before it starts to run back out. This is a great item to help me provide top notch care to our amazing equines!  Farrier Scott Hunter’

What are the best ways to fight Hoof Disease ?

Deeply rooted infections like white line disease or chronic thrush are impossible to kill with one application of a powerful topical agent. Repeated use of these strong chemicals can be harmful to the surrounding healthy hoof tissue and slow the healing process. SBS researchers have developed formulas that stop bacteria and fungi without harming the sensitive surrounding tissue. These formulas are benefitial because they are not caustic and can be used as often as necessary to keep infection under control and give healthy hoof tissue a chance to prosper.

The best ways to fight hoof disease are – (1) Cleaning & Trimming: Have the farrier trim and remove diseased tissue and flush away deeply rooted debris from cracks and voids with SBS’s flushing tube. This will open up these areas to oxygen and clear pathways for topicals treatments to reach their target. (2) Treatments: Apply SBS Topicals such as Sav-A-Hoof, Toe Grow, or Thrush Stop to affected areas within 30 minutes after flushing. These products do not harm healthy hoof tissue. (3) Hoof Protection: Seal-out pathways of infection with SBS hoof condtioners such as TOPCOAT Hoof Conditioner, or Sav-A-Hoof Protectant. These products last longer because they cure (dry) on the hoof wall rather than remain fluid (wet) like hoof oils and hoof dressings. For more information please visit:
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