Hoof researchers have discovered a new method on how to trigger healthy new horn growth by stimulating blood flow to the coronet band.

Secret To Hoof Growth?

In order to improve the hoof condition horse owners now have options to hoof supplements that reach every cell in a horse’s body,  just to treat the hoof.” SBS researchers answered the question, “Why not treat the hoof directly?”

The cells of the hoof wall are dead. They contain no blood vessels or nerves.  For this reason, damage to the cells in the hoof wall cannot be healed.  Rather, over the course of time, damaged cells are continuously replaced from just below an area called the coronet at the skin and hoof wall junction. Therefore, the only effective way of improving hoof growth is to influence the epithelial cells that line the coronet band.  Anormal hoof wall grows out at a rate of about three-eighth inch (10 mm) per month.SBS products that have shown to improve the hoof condition and influence hoof growth include the following:

TOE GROW Spray  and TOE GROW Gel  contain copper peptides that stimulate the coronary band to produce a stronger, healthier hoof in the same way copper peptides activate the production of new human hair and skin. Peptides act as antibodies, hormones, or cell function facilitators.  Copper peptides are a specific type of peptide that has a copper ion attached to it and is found naturally in cells. In this form, copper peptides act as messengers at the cellular level to ‘switch on’ cells to draw from the blood supply to get the nutrients they need to heal and grow.


SBS Hoof Supplement Kit

Starting Gate is a phospholipid rich formula.  In addition to the product’s ability to treat gastric equine ulcers,  scientific studies using phospholipids have shown them to stimulate growth of good quality thicker hoof walls within 6 to 12 weeks (Kempson,1990).  The product works by targeting and strengthening the epithelial tissue that line the gastro-intestinal track, hair and skin, including the coronet band.  It improves the gut’s ability to absorb valuable nutrients through the stomach lining.  Starting Gate Granules target the epithelial cells which contribute to the growth of healthy hooves.  The SBS Hoof Supplement Kit includes about a months supply of Starting Gate Granules with 10 oz of Toe Grow Gel. Using both the granules and gel during the same 30 day period has shown remarkable improvement to the hoof condition on the subject horses during year long trials that are conducted at the Everglades Ranch in Naples, FL.

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