SBS  Dealer eNewsletter    July 15, 2013
 Farriers’ Guide to Understanding White Line Disease
The President of the American Farriers’ Association, John Blombach, asked SBS to write an article for the Professional Farrier Magazine based on SBS’s research and experience on the subject of white line disease.  The industry respects the scientific contributions that SBS has made over the years in researching this issue.  Attached is a copy of the research article that SBS provided to the AFA.  The article was published in the June 2013 issue of Professional Farrier and was emailed by the AFA to over 10,000 farriers and equine vets throughout the world.
You may want to save or to pass on the attached pdf article to your clients, customers, or horse owners that you feel could benefit from this information.
Click on pdf below to see entire article.
Sav-A-Hoof has proven to be a successful product line for fighting white line disease for over 20 years.
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