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 Treatment Options for Gastric Equine Ulcers !


 One of the scariest comments that a horse owner can receive from their vet is, “I think your horse may have gastric ulcers.”  This problem is not only painful for the horse, but also painful for the horse owner’s wallet.   Treatment can be long term and expensive, especially if prescription drugs are recommended by the vet.
     The first question that comes to mind is, “what are best treatment options.”  Should the horse follow a drug regiment, or take a chance with natural treatments which cost about $2.00/day.  Prescription drugs can run about $35.00/day.
      The big dilemma is the choice between Prescription Drugs or Natural Remedies.  Which is the best treatment option for horse owners?  This is a big question, because a reported 80 % of competitive horses will get gastric ulcers in their lifetime.


   The best treatment option for Gastric Equine Ulcers…
Equine Stomach
             UlcerGard  vs.  Starting Gate Granules
  A New Battle Plan Against Ulcers    
Our Dealers want to recommend the very best products and advice to their customers.  That is why we consulted with Dr. Craig Russett, a respected scientist in the field of animal nutrition, about how each product mechanism works (prescription drugs vs. natural remedies).
His comments clearly define the role that each have to play and that the combination of the two technologies may be a reasonable new “Battle Plan” against gastric ulcers in horses…
“The mechanism of action for UlcerGard and other acid blockers is clear: reduce hydrochloric acid and production in the horse’s stomach to prevent ulcers and to allow natural healing if an ulcer already has formed…  lecithin (Starting Gate Nutritional Granules) and acid blockers (UlcerGard) would be complimentary in benefiting horses.  Neither would replace the other.  UlcerGard is a drug with a specific function.  Starting Gate Granules (lecithin)  is a nutritional ingredient providing a source of phospholipids.  UlcerGard stops hydrochloric acid secretion which can cause cell damage, leading to stomach ulcer.  Phospholipids are proposed to increase the membrane integrity of cells and to provide nutritional building blocks to help the natural healing process.”
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