TOPCOAT Hoof Conditioner

TOPCOAT News Release 2/6/13


TOPCOAT Hoof Conditioner

“ It’s like getting two products in one”

SBS TOPCOAT is a dual-action hoof conditioner that shines, protects and rebuilds hoof. It’s like getting two products in one: it uses the disease fighting ingredients of SBS Sav-A-Hoof combined with a natural sealant – collagen protein emulsions. The result is a unique product that forms an antiseptic barrier against infection, and provides the hoof with a natural moisture balance for strength and flexibility.

SBS TOPCOAT is a long lasting Class 2 Hoof Conditioner, so it only needs to be applied twice weekly for normal maintenance. The shiny bright finish cures (dries hard) in minutes after applying to the hoof wall, sole, & frog. Frequent use builds up protection and smoothes out bumps and ridges. Contains no caustic agents that can harm sensitive new hoof tissue. No hoof conditioner offers more benefits to hooves.


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Q: How do I know if my horse has white line disease and how do I treat it?
A: White line disease is a chronic breakdown of the hoof wall that usually starts as a splitting at the white line. If left untreated, the entire hoof wall my have to be resected. continued ...
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