Dr. Loren Pickard Research Leads to Hoof Repair Discovery

Copper-Peptides were first tested on horses in Washington State by Dr. Loren Pickard of Switzerland. During the rainy season they applied copper- peptides on irritated hair covered skin joints. While the skin areas healed very nicely, they discovered quite by accident, that the copper-peptides produced a remarkable healing of the hooves and closure of hoof cracks.

SBS TOE GROW is a copper-peptide complex which are chemicals that attach to receptors on cells to perform a specific function. It acts like a switch that turns on the cells to help them build and heal damaged tissue and stimulate collagen production. The products work at solving equine hoof problems on a cellular level.

Do to the extreme success of TOE GROW SPRAY, SBS has added a new member to the family, TOE GROW GEL. The new gel formula is packaged in a 10 oz. squeeze bottle with a long tip twist cap so that it can reach damaged hoof tissue that is deeply embedded in cracks, voids and clefs. The gel also adheres to bruised heels and irritated hair and skin. It also stimulates hoof growth when applied along the coronary band.

Today, copper-peptides are used as ointments for burns, medicament to help organ and tissue transplants and as salves for post-cancer irradiated skin. They are also commonly found in human cosmetic products such as anti-wrinkle creams and hair growth formulas. Scientists believe that copper-peptides rebuild blood microcirculation and improve capillary circulation. For more information, or to view an instuctional video, go to www.sbsequine.com.

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