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 Stop Hoof Cracks Before They Start


    Repairing hoof cracks after they have formed is a nuisance.  Almost all horse owners that contact SBS know hoof cracks can lead to serious problems and want to repair them immediately.  They usually want a product solution that is quick and painless (they usually mean not expensive).  Unfortunately, hoof repairs can be costly and require time and patience to resolve.
     What if horse owners or handlers could stop hoof cracks before they start!  Yes, it is possible to prevent cracks from forming in the first place. Many experienced farriers have known how to do this for years.  However, thanks to independent research studies done at Texas A & M University, and The Horse-Journal, we now know what causes hoof cracks and how to prevent them.
                          What Causes Hoof Cracks:
     Hoof Researchers agree that most hoof problems are caused inadvertently by the domestication of the horse. In this case, Dr. Robin Dabareiner of Texas A & M says hoof wall cracks occur because of the changing wet and dry conditions by the horse owner; for example, moving a horse from a wet bath to the dry pasture.  The doctor points out there are many examples of this condition in nature, such as mud cracking after a rain storm, when the sun comes out.
                         How to Prevent Hoof Cracks:
     Studies have shown conclusively that a hoof sealant applied to the feet will strengthen the hoof wall to prevent cracks which result from the wet vs. dry situation. After field trials by The Horse-Journal,  they named one sealant as “Editors Choice” for its ability to protect the hoof wall for over two weeks after a single application. They were impressed by the sealant’s ability to web seal nail holes, cracks, and reinforce clinches to prevent thrown shoes.
For the complete story, watch the video below:
Hoof Protection for Horses
Hoof Protection for Horses
   The Horse Journal’s “Editors Choice” 2010
            SBS Farrier’s Hoof Sealant

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