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 Secret Weapon Against Chronic Thrush

It may not be glamorous, but this common tool found in tack boxes is one of the most effective weapons against chronic thrush if used properly.  The farrier can also help the situation by trimming the flaps of the frog and cutting out some of the diseased tissue.


Why is the hoof pick so effective?

            ordinary hoof pick

                             common hoof pick

 Picking and brushing with a hoof pick opens up the clefs of the frog for oxygen and cleaning.  Thrush in horses is a bacterial infection, and bacteria hate oxygen.  The hoof pick opens up the clefs where the bacteria hide. This lets in oxygen and allows the area to be cleaned free of contaminates.  After wiping and drying with a dry cloth,

The Horse-Journal recommends the use of SBS Thrush Stop to defeat even the most chronic cases of thrush.  They said it forms a barrier and has a long-term effect.

 Why is SBS Thrush Stop so effective?

          SBS Thrush Stop

Thrush Stop works differently than other thrush products.  It prevents bacteria from reproducing without harming the surrounding tissue that is trying to grow out and prosper.  Also, powerful drying agents in the product destroy the moist environment where bacteria tend to hide.

The Horse-Journal said Thrush Stop defeated the most chronic cases of thrush that almost nothing else could touch.

The Horse-Journal's Product of the Year
           “The Horse-Journal’s  Product of the Year”

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