Farrier's Hoof Sealant II

MICRO FIBERS web-seal clinches, nail holes, & hoof cracks.

SBS Farrier’s Hoof Sealant II contain over 6 million microfibers in its new 8 oz bottle.  After a two minute cure time, the microfiber rich formula web-seals cracked hooves, nail holes and reinforces nail clinches.  Field trails by The Horse- Journal show that web-sealing nail clinches with Farrier’s Hoof Sealant helps prevent thrown shoes.  The sealant also blocks the obvious pathways of infection through the hoof cracks and nail holes.

The Horse-Journal said that Farrier’s Hoof Sealant is most useful and effective when applied to the clinches, hoof cracks, hoof split, and nail holes, which are most prevalent on the bottom half of the hoof wall.  The sealant helps solve a multitude of horse hoof problems.  If a temporary bright or  black polish is desired for show,  Farrier’s Hoof Sealant II can easily be can be top coated with your favorite hoof dressing.  For more information or to view instructional videos go to www.sbsequine.com.

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