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a) What sets SBS Starting Gate GranulesTM ahead of other supplements that help ulcers?

Supplements that help with stomach ulcers work by either restricting or buffering stomach acidStarting Gate Granulesor have enzymes or probiotics added to their formulations to help breakdown food in the small intestines and colon making them easier to digest. SBS Starting Gate GranulesTM, on the other hand, work differently. They focus directly on the problem, the cell structure. The product is a natural food additive that nutritionally strengthens the epithelial tissues that line the gastro-intestinal tract. The result is the formation of stronger cells that are more resistant to the ulcers caused from stomach acid. Stomach acid is necessary for breaking down food and is a major part of the digestive process. Stomach acid should not be restricted as a long term treatment for ulcers.

b) How does strengthening cells that pass food to the blood supply help my horse?


SBS Starting Gate GranulesTM are a highly concentrated form of phospholipids (97% A.I.min) which function on a cellular level to benefit the specialized cells that absorb food and supplement (e.g. vitamins) nutrients and pass them through to the blood supply. These specialized absorptive cells (enterocytes) line the entire gastro-intestinal tract including the small intestines and colon. If these cells are not functioning at peak efficiency as nature intended, only a fraction of the available vitamins and nutrients from the food/supplements consumed will pass through to the blood supply. This reduction in available nutrients is not only a waste of money, but can have an adverse long term affect on the overall health of the animal.

c) Besides supporting the healing of ulcers, what other benefits does SBS Starting GateTM offer my horse?

Estimates are that 80% of race horses and 56% of non race horses have gastric ulcers. Adult horses with ulcers exhibit a combination of poor appetite, dullness, attitude changes, decreased performance, poor body condition, rough hair coat, poor hoof growth, weight loss and colic. SBS Starting Gate GranulesTM may be beneficial for treating all of these conditions naturally on a cellular level. Strengthening the specialized absorptive cells that line the gastro-intestinal tract helps them absorb more of the key vitamins/nutrients from the feed/supplements provided to your horse.

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