The NEW SAV-A-HOOF Multi-Purpose REFILL, Item 320, is available for immediate shipment. The gallon REFILLS are both convenient (one product does all) and economical. Recommended for high volume facilities and end-users – farriers & horse handlers, horse farms, ranches & stables. 

The REFILLS can be used with generic packaging or for refilling empty bottles of SAV-A-HOOF Spray, Liquid, Flushing Tube & Dispenser, THRUSH STOP, and as a fill for hoof soaking boots.

The extra-strength formula contains the crucial active ingredients that stop bacteria and fungi without harming surrounding hoof tissue. This is why the Sav-A-Hoof family of products are so successful.  Manufactured in USA by SBS EQUINE,  239-354-3361,

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