Sav-A-Hoof Protectant

Thoroughbred Times said that Sav-A-Hoof Protectant is the dual-action hoof conditioner that protects the entire hoof, including the sole and frog.  They said that the formula penetrates to kill fungus and bacteria.  Added ingredients form a protective barrier on the exterior of the hoof which repels external moisure and contaminates.  They said that almost nothing sticks to the hoof after the conditioner is applied.  Mud, snow, and urine soaked manure fall off the hoof.  Sav-A-Hoof Protectant contains natural plant emulsions harvested from the rain forests of Brazil.  The film hardens by buffing with a dry cloth or even rolled up newspaper.

Improves Frog Function

The Protectant also helps to improve the function of the frog which is to absorb shock and pump blood back up into the leg.  For more information or to view an instructional video, go to

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