SBS  Dealer eNewsletter  November 18, 2013
New SBS Product Turning Heads!
Watch out for the introduction of SBS HOOF GLITTER coming soon.  The “Jewel sparkle” draws a lot of attention to the feet when sprinkled over TOPCOAT Hoof Conditioner.  The product refracts a dynamic spectrum of colors which looks spectacular on hooves.
SBS HOOF GLITTER will be available to SBS Dealers that carry TOPCOAT.  The Hoof Glitter puts the fun and focus back into quality hoof care.  The“jewel sparkle” will last for days on the feet unless removed with soapy warm water and a stiff brush. Equestrians, young and old, love hoof glitter.
Watch out for a Special Dealer Offer on SBS HOOF GLITTER coming soon!

TOPCOAT Hoof Conditioner

TOPCOAT Hoof Conditioner is the new dual-action hoof conditioner that shines, protects and rebuilds hoof.  It’s like getting two products in one:  it combines the antiseptic  properties of Sav-A-Hoof with natural protein emulsions.   TOPCOAT lasts longer than most other hoof conditioners because it dries (cures) on the hoof rather than remain wet (fluid) like hoof oils.

                               Ten Benefits in One:

Shines. Moisturizes. Fights Thrush. Improves Flexibility. Improves Frog Function. Smooths Ridges. Repels Contaminates. Provides Antiseptic Barrier. Strengthens Horn. Prevents Toe Cracks.






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