SBS  Dealer eNewsletter              November  23, 2011

 New SBS product is like insurance for the hoof !


For 25 years SBS has been a pioneer in microfiber bonding technology for the hoof.  A new formulation,
called Farrier’s Hoof Sealant II, contains over 6 million microfibers per 8 oz bottle.  The new product web-seals clinches, cracks and nail holes better than ever before. These voids in the hoof wall are obvious pathways of infection. 
Field trials conducted by The Horse-Journal using SBS Farrier’s Hoof Sealant (original formula) has shown thatweb-sealing hoof clinches help prevent thrown horseshoes.  It is inconvenient for the horse owner and the farrier who may have to return to reset the thrown shoe.  It can cost the farrier hundreds of dollars in lost time and wages, or even worse, cause serious injury to the horse’s hoof.
The Horse-Journal said that the most effective use ofFarrier’s Hoof Sealant is over clinches, nail holes and cracks, where it does the most good. When a bright shine or black coating is needed for shows or after grooming, they recommend the use of less expensive products.  Farrier’s Hoof Sealant II can be a powerful undercoat that can be used in conjunction with other hoof dressings or cosmetic coatings as the topcoat.

     Farrier’s Hoof Sealant II

In 2010 The Horse-Journal named our original formula as “Editors Choice” in Hoof Dressings.  They said that one application lasts for over two weeks and forms an effective web-seal over nail clinches, nail holes and cracks.  The new advanced formula has 40% more microfibers and cures in about two minutes.  “It’s like insurance for the hoof !”

 Farrier’s Hoof Sealant II,  Item 108, 8 oz bottle

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