SBS  eNewsletter                                      August 18, 2011

Hoof Repair Discovery by Accident !

The American Farriers Journal published an article revealing the amazing discovery of a new class of chemicals called copper-peptides.  They were first tested on horses in Washington State by Dr. Loren Pickard of Switzerland. During the rainy season they applied copper-peptides on the irritated hair covered skin joints.  While the skin areas healed very nicely they discovered, quite by accident, that the copper-peptdes produced remarkable healing of the hooves and closure of the cracks…

“Read AFJ Article”

SBS manufactures two copper-peptide formulas, Toe GrowSpray and Toe Grow Gel.  Both formulas act like a switch that turn on the cells to stimulate collagen production and heal and build damaged tissue…


Toe Grow Repairs Cell Damaged Feet

 Do to the success of Toe Grow SpraySBS has added a new version of the product called Toe Grow GEL.  The new gel formula adheres to bruised heels and irritated hair and skin, especially along coronary band.  The long neck twist cap and 10 oz squeeze bottle help the gel reach damaged tissue in cracks, voids, and clefs.


Toe Grow GEL Instructional Video…


Toe Grow GEL Instructions
Toe Grow GEL Instructions




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