August / 2011
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After 24 years on the market, the SBS Crack Filler Kit received some valuable publicity with an unexpected feature article in the June issue of The Horse Journal . We knew it was a great product, and sometimes it takes a while to get the word out. I guess the word is now out, 24 years later… It’s called the SBS Crack Filler Kit. Here are a few comments from the article…

Hoof Crack? Fill’ er UP

The Horse Journal reported the results of field trials on hoof cracks. They said that their favorite product was the SBS Crack Filler Kit. They said, “the Kit is ridiculously easy to use and effective.”

They also said : “BOTTOM LINE.
The SBS Crack Filler Kit is a simple, easy to use spot treatment for hoof cracks. It helps restore the integrity of the hoof, and requires no special training to use, except to follow the instructions, especially for preparing the hoof.
At $20.00 a kit, it’s well worth the cost. Depending upon the size of the area you’re treating, you could get four repairs per kit…”

“The SBS Crack Filler Kit isn’t intended for major issues, such as quarter Cracks, hoof infection, or if a deep hoof structure is involved. For these problems, you should contact your farrier.”

They said that one kit lasted for several repair and large cracks were
gone in six months.

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SBS has added the slogan, “An educated horse owner is our best customer”, to the end of its Instructional Videos SBS wants the public to know that its products are safe for the horse, humans and the environment. This has been the company’s mission statement since the company was founded 24 years ago.

This eNewsletter and future ones are dedicated to informing and educating our dealers and customers about some simple solutions to problems faced by horse owners every day. SBS will be sharing what works and what does not work as we hear back from our customers. Please share your experiences with SBS products that you may find helpful to others, [email protected].





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