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Shelf Life of SBS Products

How long will SBS products last on a dealer’s shelf before they go bad?

A frequent question our dealers ask us is, “what’s the shelf life” of the SBS products that they stock. Sometimes a dealer may decide to order more than normal to take advantage of price breaks or better freight terms. This may be problematic if the products sit too long in inventory.

Even bottled water has a shelf life. Our products are no exception. Storing products in a cool, dry place will help extend their useful life. Temperatures above 70 degrees F can shorten a product’s life significantly. Also, protect our products from freezing, which can cause permanent separation of ingredients.

Shelf Life of SBS Products

Adhesives and Sealants

SBS Crack Filler Kit – 1 year

Hoof Patch Kit – 1 year

Both kits use the same two part acrylic adhesive, which is sensitive to heat and humidity. Shelf life is one year if stored at 70 degrees F. If the adhesive is stored above 70 degrees F the shelf life will diminish on a sliding scale. SBS stores all the adhesive tubes in refrigerators at 45 degrees F until they are shipped to customers. This helps insure product freshness. Customers can also refrigerate the adhesive tubes until the day they are used. The adhesive should also be protected from freezing. It will spoil if it is frozen.

Farrier’s Hoof Sealant II – 1 to 2 years

The Sealant contains solvents that may evaporate in time through the packaging. We use solvent resistant bottles and caps which slow down this process, but cannot stop it.

If there is evaporation and the liquid thickens, the customer can add acetone to the bottle and mix it in with the dauber applicator that is attached to the metal cap. This usually allows the product to be mixed properly and be applied successfully. Storing the product in a cool place can reduce evaporation and improve the product’s shelf life. The sealant should also be protected from freezing.

Sav-A-Hoof, Thrush Stop, & Toe Grow

Sav-A-Hoof family – 2 years

Thrush Stop – 2 years

Toe Grow Spray or Gel – 2 years

These products have a shelf life of two years or more if stored at 70 degrees F. If they are stored in a hot barn or paddock, it is best to use them up before one year. Time and temperature can reduce the efficacy of these products.

Starting Gate Nutritional Granules

Starting Gate Nutritional Granules – 2 years

Unopened packaging can last two years when stored in a cool dry environment. After opening packaging, the contents should be used up within three months or less, unless refrigerated.

Please call the SBS hotline at 800-637-6174 if there is a question about shelf life or storage recommendations on any of its products.


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