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   Avoid A Hoof Soaking Disaster!

Soaking the hoof can be an effective way of treating against chronic infections, but there can be serious consequences if done carelessly.  Researchers at SBS recommend some simple rules that can help horse owners avoid a hoof soaking disaster like this one…


Hoof Soaking Disaster

Reasons Why Soakings Is Dangerous


Soaking the hoof in any liquid for an extended period of time can wash away the natural protective coating provided through transpiration. In time soaking can weaken the entire hoof structure and damage healthy hoof tissue. Since many commercial preparations and harsh household products may work well on hard surfaces by burning pathogens to death, they can also seriously harm to new hoof tissue. Keep in mind that a healthy hoof will grow out an astonishing rate of 3/8″ a month. Damaged cells will not grow out like healthy tissue. Damage can be long term or permanent.  


    The Secret To Hoof Soaking 

Researchers at SBS Equine Products have developed a unique product called Sav-A-Hoof Soak. The product contains a powerful fungicide as well as broad spectrum bactericide that is very effective and long lasting. This longer contact time allows for a more conservative method of treatment.


Sav-A-Hoof Soak
Sav-A-Hoof Soak

  For a complete list of steps on safe soaking click below!


“Free Soaking Tear Sheet”






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