SBS  Dealer eNewsletter  MAY 30, 2014
      50% Savings On              SAV-A-HOOF SPRAY!
SAV-A-HOOF SPRAY gallon Refill


New from  SBS EQUINE is the SAV-A-HOOF SPRAY gallon REFILL, Item 317, which cost 50%

less per ounce than prepackaged 16 oz bottles. The versatile formula can be dispensed with sprayers, soaking boots, or with the new SBS Flushing Tube & Dispenser. The tube reaches deeply rooted infections inside holes, cracks, white line, & clefts of the frog. A FREE “VALUE PACK” is included which has extra bottle labels for repackaging and aFREE reusable SBS Flushing Tube & Dispenser ($12 retail value). Now germs have no place to hide ! 


The gallon REFILLS are now in stock and ready to ship in their own shipping carton.  It’s the perfect product for reshipping to your e-commerce customers.  Sav-A-Hoof Spray is a winner!  It has been SBS’s best selling product for over 20 years.  Your customers have been asking for a more economical size, and now they have it!


Contact your Distributor or SBS EQUINE for details.

             The Versatile gallon REFILL is Economical!                   

Fills 32 Soaking Boots
Fills up to 32 SOAKING BOOTS,
Safe, non-caustic formula won’t
harm healthy hoof tissue.
For Deeply Rooted Infections
The SBS Flushing Tube is included FREE!
The long narrow flexible tip reaches deeply
rooted Infections with the formula and
pretreats voids before adhesives
are applied.
Sav-A-Hoof Spray
The gallon refills 8 spray bottles.
Extra bottle labels are included in the FREE”Value Pack”
for repackaging new sprayers.






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