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New from SBS EQUINE is the SBS HOOF BUILDER KIT. The combo pack incorporates two technologies and products that work synergistically to improve the hoof condition better than each item could individually. The Kit includes enough product to complete an average six- week hoof growth cycle, in between trimmings.
The combo pack includes: 42 Hoof-Paks (single serving cups of Pellets), and a six-week supply of TOE GROW GEL (10 oz squeeze bottle).
SBS HOOF BUILDER Pellets contain the vital amino acids, minerals and vitamins most recommended by animal nutritionists. The Pellets are nutritional supplements that are made in the USA and are NSF, TGA, NASC and c-GMP Certified. Palatability and freshness are guaranteed!
TOE GROW GEL is a copper-peptide complex. It is topically applied at the hairline and acts like a switch by turning on the receptor cells at the coronet band to increase collagen production and blood flow to the hoof.
The Pellets and GEL work together from the inside / out to improve the hoof condition using both the horse’s digestive system and nervous system.

Item 448, SBS HOOF BUILDER KIT – 42 Hoof-Paks (40 gram single serving cups of pellets), TOE GROW GEL (10 oz squeeze bottle)


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Q: How do I know if my horse has white line disease and how do I treat it?
A: White line disease is a chronic breakdown of the hoof wall that usually starts as a splitting at the white line. If left untreated, the entire hoof wall my have to be resected. continued ...
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