Clean Hooves for Pennies a Day

Yes, it’s true! SBS Researchers have created a concentrate that enables horse owners to mix their own professional hoof remedy for about $1.00 per quart. The formula cleans, brightens and moisturizes hooves better that most commercial hoof preparations, and at a fraction of the cost. All this protection for just pennies per day.
How it works! The product works in three ways to give the hoof optimum protection. 1) Plant based emulsions help lift and remove dirt and fungi from the hoof surface. 2) Optical brighteners give the hoof a great shine. 3) The advance lipid layer enhancers moisturize the hoof and repel sticky contaminates.
The entire process involves three easy steps. 1) Add two ounces of concentrate to a spray bottle with 30 ounces of water in it. Shake well. 2) Spray formula onto the hooves and use a water hose to blast away the lose dirt and fungus. 3) Spray formula onto the hooves again to moisturize, and let air dry. Do these steps as a normal part of grooming or after riding.

One bottle of concentrate makes 16 quarts of spray.

Nice n’ Shiny Hoof & Body Wash


Nice n’ Shiny Hoof & Body Wash

The concentrate is made from a naturally derived plant solution formulated from coconut oil, palm kernel oil, sunflower oil, and maize. The spray formula helps to replace some of the smooth protective shiny layer on the outer surface of the hoof called periople. Much of periople is lost do to the domestication of the horse. Nice n’ Shiny Hoof & Body Wash is now available for for immediate distribution.
32 oz. Concentrate

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